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Ubuntu Company Services comprises of a team of start-up specialists focusing on building personal relationships with our clients. We assist with over 100 company related services, from the registration process at the CIPC, getting compliant (SARS / CIDB / Dept. of Labour, COIDA), learning how to run a successful business (online mentors) and growing their businesses. By sharing the expertise of specialists in various fields of business, we are able to have our clients tap into various resources from the get go.

SARS Registrations
Tax Registration Verification
Tax Clearance (New & Renewals)
Tax Clearance Combo (Tax Registration/ Verification & Tax Clearance)
VAT Registration (Mandatory/Voluntary)
UIF / PAYE / SDL (Employees)
Import / Export License
UIF Registration (Department of Labour – register company as employer)
VAT De-Registration
Income Tax Returns for a Company (IT14) DEPOSIT (Zero return)
Provisional Tax Returns for a Company (IRP6) DEPOSIT
Personal Income Tax Registration
Personal Tax Returns (IRP5, medical, pension fund)
Personal Tax Returns (IRP5, medical, pension fund, travel allowance)
Personal Tax Returns (IRP5, medical, pension fund, travel allowance, additional income)
Log book
CIPC Services
Company Name Reservation
Company Registration – No name
Company Registration – With own selected name
Company Registration – Basic Package
24h Shelf Company (excluding changes)
24h Shelf Company (with changes)
Non-Profit Company Registration (NPC)
Register a Co-Operative (Co-op)
CC to Pty Conversion
Pty to NPC Conversion
Personal Liability Company Inc.
Certificate of Confirmation from CIPC (alternative to CK1 or Cor14.3 Document)
Original Registration Documents (CK1 or Cor14.3 Document)
Re-instate Deregistered Company (CC or Pty) (Excludes CIPC AR & Penalty fees)
De-register a Pty or CC (Please note, your company needs to be de-registered at SARS)
Annual Returns Submission at CIPC (per year excluding CIPC Fees)
Other CIPC Services continued below
BEE Services
BEE Affidavit (Professionally designed)
BEE Black Shareholding Verification & Professionally designed affidavit
Share Certificates
Share Certificates(s) – 2 shareholders
Share Certificates(s) – 3 shareholders
Share Certificates(s) – 4+ shareholders
Change of Existing Shareholding (Transfer / Allotment / Re-creation of Share History)
Increase Authorised Shares in a Pty Company
Business Bank Accounts

FNB Business Bank Account facilitation

Workman’s Compensation (Department of Labour)
COID Package (COID registration and Letter of Good Standing)
COID Registration only
Letter of Good Standing only
Tender Letter
Return of Earnings Submission & New Letter of Good Standing
New Letter of Good Standing
Return of Earnings Submission
RMA Submissions
Payment arrangement for LOGS
Audit assistance
Construction / Building Certificates
CIDB Certificate Level 1 (New and renewals)
CIDB Certificate Level 2 and higher
Business Plans
Company Profile
Business Plan
Business Plan Consultation (Per hour)
CIPC – Services Continued
Details of Member / Director change
Name Change of a Company / CC
Name change of a company (Registered via FNB)
Financial Year-end change
Accounting Officer / Auditor / Chartered Accountant change for a CC or Pty Company
Registered Office (Business Address) change
Add Director to a Pty / Add Member to a CC
Resign Directors from a Pty / Resign a Member from a CC
Add AND Remove / Resign a Director(s) COMBO
Remove Director(s) Forcefully from a Pty
Special Resolution – Change to Main Objective of a CC
Defensive Name Reservation
Name Extension

Register a Trademark (Trademark search phase 1)

Health and Safety
Health and Safety Plan
Health and Safety File
Branding and Online Presence
Business Email Addresses
Basic Template Website
Professional Website
Logo Designs (Letterhead, Email signature and Business Card design)
Various other branding services available on request from our branding department

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